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We feel we all can take responsibility to change or maintain our own health through good nutrition. Our soils have been depleted of important substances our bodies need to function properly. Along with our busy life styles, stresses and over processed foods, we need supplementation. The only way these supplements are going to do any good for us is if we absorb them. We can take all the vitamins or eat all the fortified food we can, but if we do not absorb what we are taking in, our efforts are wasted.

We have been so blessed we have found Cellfood Products. We have been independent distributors for Nu Science Corp. for over 15 years, and in those years, we have experienced  so much satisfaction from helping others by teaching them about Cellfood Products We feel strongly that everyone has a right to good health through products that are of highest quality and affordable in price. We are very excited about our find and have therefore decided to offer these products on a web site for others to benefit from.

Fortunately, we know how much better we feel from using these products now. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we will never really know what health problems we did not have to experience through our lifetime from choosing good nutrition and products that help in that assimilation, except by watching those around us experience  health problems we are not experiencing in our own family. Considering one of every three or four people experience cancer, I will take responsibility to see that my body has what it needs to maintain good health.

I experienced having arthritis as a child, and had it manifest itself again 15 years ago. After a body cleaning and the starting of Cellfood and good nutrition, I am arthritis free and enjoying a good quality life. Cellfood and Cellfood supplement products has saved our family many trips to the medical doctor.  Our pets thank us too. 

We have found Cellfood to be a very inexpensive insurance policy for our family. We are happy to share this information with you.  We hope you enjoy our site.

We have also found other product lines that we feel are exceptional, such as the Gematria, developed by Dr Todd Ovokaitys. He uses laser technology making the  nutrients in his products more absorbable.

Safe Tan, a self tanning that product that does not streak or turn orange, and it is so good at moisturizing the skin.

Willard Water, a catalyst water that helps the body or plant life back to balance.

All of the products we offer are products that help people help themselves. They are all products we have used or would use for ourselves and our loved ones.

We enjoy a very fulfilling life in good health, we enjoy our family and friends, 2 wheeling, horses, camping, walking, tubing down the river, and so much more.


Diane Williams







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