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CELLFOOD Weight Loss Formula

 60 Day supply

 CELLFOOD® Diet, with amino acids, electrolytes, digestive enzymes, and minerals helps regulate metabolism and breakdown organic material, while increasing your fat burning potential... even while you sleep! That's right, even while you sleep! Just stop eating, three hours before you go to bed, drink 20 drops of CELLFOOD® Diet in 8 oz. of water, and go to sleep. It's that simple! Regular monitoring of body fat, in addition to good nutrition and exercise, is a prescription for optimum health. CELLFOOD® Diet is available in 4 oz. plastic bottles.

Cellfood diet: Deeply detoxifies the body, cleanses the liver and bowels, and reduces stress.

Being overweight or obese is a serious health problem linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Recent studies show that one third of American adults are overweight, and almost one quarter of American children are overweight. These are alarming statistics considering that obesity is the single most preventable cause of death, after smoking.

Made from only the finest ingredients, this unique product works naturally and remarkably by assisting the body in:

Decreasing Fat Storage by inhibiting synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol,

Increase the Body's Metabolic Action, transforming fatty acids into energy by accelerating the transport of these fatty acids into the cells' mitochondria.

Improving the Cardiovascular System by maintaining healthy levels of HDL( protective cholesterol), LDL (damaging cholesterol), and triglycerides keeping arteries clear, helping maintain normal blood pressure and improving the heart muscle. The heart gets 2/3rds its energy by burning fat, so Cellfood Diet assists the body by both feeding the cardiac engine and strengthening the heart muscle.

L-Carnitine is a vitamin like amino acid that is naturally produced by the human body primarily the liver and kidneys, but which can be depleted by exercise, stress, or illness. Even a reliance on the body's tissues of the required amount of this essential co-factor.

L-Carnitine has been shown to have a remarkable effect on the cellular metabolism of fat. Specifically, L-Carnitine helps transport long chain fatty acids (LCFAs) from the cytosol into the mitochondria (the cells fat incinerator) for critical energy production.

Studies also indicate that L-Carnitine maintains healthy levels of protective cholesterol and triglycerides, may help maintain normal blood pressure, and helps to keep arteries clear. And, L-Carnitine helps the cardiovascular system, while supporting healthy heart muscle.

The Garcinia Cambogia, a small pumpkin shaped fruit native to Asia, has the highest content of naturally occurring hydroxycitric acid (HCA) a remarkable 10% -30% by weight. Our pure, proprietary extraction of HCA Helps increase the body's fat metabolism, decreasing fat storage, and helps to reduce food intake by curbing the appetite. It also inhibits the synthesis of fatty acids in the liver, therefore reducing the amount of available fat for storage, HCA is a natural appetite suppressant.Cellfood Weight Loss Facts







Suggestions for use: Shake bottle gently. Mix 20 drops in 8 oz. purified water or juice. Take at bedtime. For best results stop eating 3 hours before taking Cellfood diet. Must be taken on empty stomach. No refrigeration needed.  Safe to take with other Cellfood products.

FIND YOUR BMI   BMI Calculator

     Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of the most accurate ways to determine when extra pounds translate into health risks. BMI is a measure which takes into account a personís weight and height to gauge total body fat in adults. Someone with a BMI of 26 to 27 is about 20 percent overweight, which is generally believed to carry moderate health risks. A BMI of 30 and higher is considered obese. The higher the BMI, the greater the risk of developing additional health problems.

Suggested Usage: Adults: Stop eating 3 hours before bed. Add 20 drops to 8 oz. of purified water and drink at bedtime.

Cellfood Diet 4oz. Bottle  60 Day supply $35.95



We do not ship Cellfood Products to the some Countries, as they have representation for Cellfood. Please check for your country before ordering. We can however send other products, such as Gematria, Safe Tan and Willard Water.
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