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Cellfood Silica 40 Day supply

Taking CELLFOOD® Silica daily helps diminish the signs of aging. It helps reduce or eliminate dry and wrinkled skin, weakened teeth and gums, hair loss and weakened bone structure. It can also help the body repair, rebuild and correct a variety of body ailments resulting from the aging process, including cartilage and digestive weaknesses. Many professional athletes use CELLFOOD® Silica immediately following physical activities to help reduce their natural recovery period and accelerate the healing process.



Silica and the bones and joints: Calcium and Vitamin D alone are not sufficient for bone growth, density, strength, and flexibility. Silica, along with other trace minerals found in this formula, is needed to strengthen bones and increase collagen production. Cellfood Essential Silica Formula contains easy-to-absorb silica plus all the needed additional trace minerals.

Silica and the skin, hair, nails, teeth + gums: Studies show that without adequate silica, the body cannot maintain optimum skin elasticity, strong hair, nails, teeth and gums.

Silica and the heart: Studies confirm that with age, silica disappears from the aorta, the hearts key blood vessel, thus weakening its critical connective tissue, and resulting in a greater cardiac risk.

Silica and the brain: Silica levels decrease with aging and therefore may be needed in larger amounts by the elderly. Studies show that silica counteracts the effects of aluminum on the body and therefore may be important in supporting neurological health.

Silica works in synergy with boron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and ascorbic acid. CELLFOOD® Silica contains all of these elements which support bones, arteries, connective tissue, healthy hair, skin, and nails. Bone can not re-mineralize and repair itself if enough Silica is not present.

When we age, our Silica levels decrease and we begin to exhibit other signs of aging such as dry skin, lack of energy and slower healing. It is believed that Silica supplementation may be a part of this solution to aging. Maintaining a regular supply of Silica to our bodies as we age should help us to maintain a more youthful state and to live our lives in minimal pain.

Silica is a natural compound made up of silicon and oxygen. All connective tissue cells in the body, nails, hair and skin contain Silica. Silica molecules enhance the body's ability to increase water absorption of essential proteins, acting as a binding agent. By binding existing calcium, protein and water molecules together, they help strengthen and revitalized skin, hair and nails.

Silica is of great importance in the regeneration of tissue as is calcium. Diseases of the respiratory tract (lungs, bronchial tubes and pleura) and the glandular system likewise depend upon silica for help.

Our bodies need boron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron and phosphorous in order to assimilate the silica in our system.  Cellfood Silica contains all these elements, and all from natural plant sources.

Cellfood Silica is an extremely easy to absorb and easy to drink liquid mineral supplement. That is what sets it apart from other Silica mineral supplements. Because it is liquid and has a very small molecular size, it is one of the easiest-to-absorb products on the market. Most silica mineral supplements on the market today are in tablet form and are not as easily absorbed by the body. It's important to understand that years ago, Silica was found naturally in foods - primarily in grains. Now that most foods are processed, most of the natural Silica has been refined out. The only way to get Silica in sufficient quantity in the diet is through a supplement like Cellfood Silica.

Cellfood Silica Supplement Facts

Directions for use: Shake bottle gently. Take 15 drops of Cellfood Silica in 8 oz. of purified water or juice, twice daily or after physical activity. Best taken between meals (at least 15 minutes before or 1 hour after)

Contains pure Silica and Cellfood (a proprietary blend of 78 minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen).

Suggested Usage: Shake bottle gently. Take 15 drops of Cellfood Silica in 8 oz. of purified water or juice, twice daily or after physical activity.

CellfoodŽ Silica 40 day supply  $34.45


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