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My Story:

First, I must start with my own story.  As a child had a rare arthritis in my hip.  I was given a cortisone shot in the hip bone around the age of 4 years. In 1994 the arthritis pain returned.  I knew I did not want another shot, as it is said that they weaken the bones. (I broke the left leg in middle school, the same leg I had the shot in).  It might have had something to do with it, I will never know.

I went to my chiropractor to see if there was something we could do, we did hair analysis and blood work and found I was toxic in arsenic.  Wow! We were very concerned, not knowing where it came from or how to get rid of it. We decided to do a cleansing with intense nutrition and a special diet for 2 months. 

The pain from the arthritis went away in 2 weeks. After the cleansing, I was introduced to Cellfood, and have been using it since.  The arthritis has never returned. 

I had  Hypoglycemia and would experience low blood sugar sometime during the day on a daily basis. I do not experience the low blood sugar at all anymore unless I accidentally eat or drink something with artificial sweeteners.  Without the Cellfood I may have had diabetes today.

I and my family kill most virus's before we get ill if we catch them in time, and if we do not, the virus does not last long and is mild.

I  used Cellfood with my infant grandson, with great successes, we was the happiest baby I had in my care. (Having done Day Care in my home for many years, his good health was a blessing.) He did not experience colds or digestive upset and he eat and slept well.

I burned my fingers on our wood burner, the temp was 600 degrees and I closed the door with my fingers. I could hear them sizzle. I would normally use the Willard Water Aqua Gel for burns, but it did not help with the pain, so I thought I would try the Cellfood, I went over to the sink and applied the Cellfood to my fingers and within 10 minutes there was no pain and no blisters. I was doing dishes shortly after that with no discomfort.

Our Cat had also burned all four paws after jumping on top of the wood burner and I used the Cellfood on him. Within 10 minutes he was resting comfortably and the next day we could not tell he had been burned. Without the Cellfood, he would have suffered for many days.

Just a note: Cellfood stings if the skin is broken.

I give Cellfood to my cats on a regular basis.

I put Cellfood in my refilled water bottles and store them in my car for when I need them. Cellfood keeps the water fresh.

I make saline solution and put a drop or two of Cellfood in it for stuffy or runny nose. Note: must remake solution every few days, or when spray starts stinging nose.

We are all enjoying good health.

Diane Williams

Cellfood Sam-e: Diane, just want to tell you that the SAMe is a lifesaver for me. It really works. I have been grieving and have been so depressed due to the tragic death of my youngest brother that was killed in a motorcycle accident 5 months ago. I did not want to do much more than go to work and I could not stop crying for months. Thought I would give the SAMe a try and after about a week I was feeling better. I was not crying everyday like I have been the prior months and have ventured out more. I don't want to run out so buying 3 for now. Thanks Donna

Cellfood Silica: This is my third bottle and I also have my son taking it. I'm pretty sure I look better and not as old looking. I will be 68yrs. 

I have been using Cellfood & Oxygenated Gel for 2-1/2 years. My friend Sue told me about it because I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been taking lots of meds for 14 years. I have not had a "flareup" this whole time and every blood test I get comes back with healthy organs. I think this is because of Cellfood. I am 64 years old and other than a little lose skin under my eyes... my skin is pretty much wrinkle-free. I stocked up on Cellfood when the tsunami hit Japan a few years ago just in case our water became contaminated. I felt if it cured radiation poisoning for Everett Story, then it could help my family if needed. I am tired of paying high prices at health food stores and was happy to find your website and prices. Thank you, Judy

I used cell food and Dna/Rna to treat a spot on my eye that the eye doctors had told me was cancer.  They were going to use cryotherapy to treat it.  After starting the cellfood and dna/rna the spot on my eye was gone within a week to a week and a half. Saw the doctor again in a month and they had no explanation.  So Cellfood works! Praise God!!

Mike A. Oregon

I ordered my Cellfood and DNA/RNA with a specific reason.

My lymph nodes on the left side of my throat have been swollen about 7 weeks. 
The Doctors were not much help. They were thinking it was cancer!! They wanted to take a biopsy, I say no!
So I went and ordered with my knowledge of the Human Body(www.visiblebody.com)I have been taking both of these treasured supplements and the swelling has almost disappeared. The jugular vein was sticking out like a small snake and the nodes protruding as well. Thus I want to share this with you and customers harrah for your products!!


I have been using Cell Food with great success. I had a sore come up on my arm that would not stop bleeding. I couldn't afford the doctor, so I kept putting new band-aids on it everyday., This lasted for 3 months. Scary. Then, the sore started turning into something that looked like a fish eye. Really gross, still bleeding. I believe it was a skin cancer, but that is not verified  by a doctor. What else could it be. I decided that since Cell food is alkaline (note: balances PH) and cancer can not live in alkaline, I need to start putting drops on this thing. Instantly it stopped the bleeding. It turned the blood brown. Next day it would bleed some, so I put it on there and it stopped it again. I think that might be the salts in it. The thing started healing. It took 3 weeks, but Cell food completely cured what ever it was, leaving no scaring. Wish I had had a doctor look at it now. I took Cell food for a year and realized I had not had any colds or flu. I can put it on a cold sore and it leaves the next day. It is an incredible cleaner for teeth. It eats the crude off of them. I had an abscessed tooth that was horrible. I put it on the gums. I did it straight. It made the gums sore. But it killed out the abscess. It has been a year and it never came back. Use it when you floss. I love the little brushed. They really clean. It takes all the infection out of the gums. Cradle cap or anything like that on your head. It takes it away almost instantly. This stuff is a miracle. All the ingredients are from God. And God's stuff works. Hope this helps.

Thanks D. Cox  

CellFood definitely works when USED according to the directions. At present I am diagnosed with hypothyroid and have been struggling to overcome this condition with many regimens of vitamins etc. and of course prayer for 10 loooong years--something said USE THAT CELLFOOD 3Xs a day--and that was a week ago and let me tell you that my energy level has increased 100fold and I'm not exaggerating here either--I'm UP and out of it before the alarm goes off and breeze through the day nonstop and most importantly WITHOUT that horrendous fatigue aching and paining as well- IT'S ALL GONE and within about 2 weeks time I am returning to my good doctor for blood work and telling him I want the dosage of synthroid reduced as taking those tablets NEVER did much anyway---it's hard to describe the feeling of hypothyroid and even WITH the medication and follow up blood work/dosage adjustments I felt something like walking underwater with cement shoes on--very bad...... I thank God for His Blessings and for directing me to get on with IT and that this condition WILL BE RESOLVED and soon. I never want to be without this product and am also going to try that weight loss preparation as due to the thyroid problem, it's basically impossible to lose an ounce and I'm tired of this


I suffer from ME, with lots of neurological and circulatory symptoms and
organ problems in all body systems. I took Cellfood daily between 2000 and
2005 whilst working in jobs requiring excellent concentration and often in
very stressful contexts and sick buildings, which affect me very badly. The
support it gave me in terms of improved function, and being able to
continue working coherently compared to complete incompetence was
incredible. Now retired, I can no longer afford to take it and anyway my
life circumstances are much healthier and less challenging.

Anni D


Love the product and have used it for more than a year.....

Edward K. US Military

Thanks to Cellfood Brittany health is wonderful. Her sleep apnea on the bibap started at 11/16 and now it is 10/12. She is almost ready for a CPap. We got back a couple of weeks ago from Florida where she had a glorious 5 weeks of fun. In fact, we went everyday to the parks for at least 5 hours and some days longer. She continues to improve daily and this time we got by without any nebulizer treatment, albuterol treatment, and antibiotics. This is a plus for her because we were there for 5 weeks. She was ready to get home but she says now she is ready to go again. We have 2 weeks at Christmas schedule in Florida and going to get 1 more week. Then we will try for the whole month of February in Florida. She has went 19 weeks on vacations this year. Thank goodness we have retired. In 2001 I was told by a specialist that she would be totally in a wheelchair because of her health and that she might live to be 21. She was in pretty bad health and lived on antibiotics. It has been almost a year since she had a round of antibiotics and she will turn 20 in April. I hope other people has as good results on this as We have. My husband and I have not been sick in I don't know when and we take Cellfood also. Have a wonderful holiday.

Vita M. IL

I have needed my asthma (ventalin) pump a few times and not been able to find it, which is often the case, but the first time this happened, I panicked and because cellfood is called “liquid oxygen”, I decided to take 10 drops on the tounge. Please note that I was struggling to obtain air.

Wonder of wonders, I could immediately breathe. .This is really true. I stopped panicking and later on found my asthma pump. Now I go everywhere with both.

I carry a bottle of cellfood in my bag in case I or even a perfect stranger is in trouble as my main emergency aid besides an asthma pump.

I feel that if I take cellfood everyday, which I have been lazy in doing, then my asthma will definitely clear up. Will keep you posted.



Hi Diane! I have been without the cell food for awhile.....and I am feeling terrible again! I need to be back on it right away so I am ordering it ASAP! Glad to have found your site again, as I misplaced it when I changed isp's! Thanks for helping all of us get this great product! Blessings, Sandra H.


I want to order another bottle to make sure I don't run out, so thanks, Diane, for getting me on the mailing list also.....since I am on a fixed income, I will be ordering around the 3rd of each month...so just a heads up! Thanks, and I am already feeling some boost in energy! I believe my Fibromyalgia will start to feel better soon, as well! Thanks again!!

Sandra H.


I could not be happier with the customer service that Diane at Balanced For Health provides. Great communication and products, I will defiantly keep them in my bookmarks and plan on ordering from them in the future. Thanks Diane.

Daniel, NM


(Caution, this can sting if not diluted)

This is a reorder. It has been a while since I last ordered. Have you ever put Cell food on a cut? It will stop the bleeding almost immediately if it is not a deep cut. It makes it scab up really fast, and the healing time is drastically reduced. It does sting a lot, but to me it is worth it. I used it a lot when harvesting grapes in Israel, and a lot of people snipped their fingers accidentally.

06/20/10 John L OH.

I promised you a letter to continue what is happening with Brittany. Her thyroid test was within the number and her liver numbers were OK. All caused by twice the amount of thyroid medicine. She is still losing and has lost another seven pounds. Her appetite is very little but enough. Now a little bit of background on Brittany.

On Dec. 27, 1999, Brittany was put on the vent because of body functioning going crazy and they could not pinpoint it. They kept her on it for 11 days until things quieted down. They decided she had Septic Shock of an unknown origin. They didn't think she would come off the vent and live. But, I stayed in the room while they pulled the tube out and the minute it happen I started talking to her and finally she started breathing. We were moved from ICU to TCU at Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis. We finally were released in a few weeks with antibiotics, oxygen, and a wheelchair. She had to relearn all of the basic skills (potty training, eating, etc.). For a period from 2000 until 2006 she lived on antibiotics and steroids to keep her going. She relearned the basic skills to get by;  got off of oxygen, walked, etc. Was told she would be in a wheelchair by the time she was 16 and would be dead by the age of 21.

In December 2007 she had another round of sickness. This time we stayed at a local hospital and it lasted for a week. When it was finally over the doctor said she had enough medicine in her to kill a cow but at least she didn't end up on a vent. She layed in the hospital the first three days; they weren’t able to put an IV in her because they couldn't find a vein. That was when the problem started. After we got out her hair started breaking off, her liver was bad (non-alcoholic fatty liver), forgot all routine things, etc. This is when I started looking for more natural medicine. I started hunting health food stores for some answers. I wasted a lot of money on trying different stuff before I finally found what I was wanting and Brittany’s health started improving. By then she had started improving a few months into CELLFOOD and DNA/RNA. Her thyroid came down 25 MCG in medicine and liver came back into the high end of the number. Stupid me, I decided not to reorder this because I didn't think it was working.

In August 2008 Brittany had another sleep study and her numbers were reduced to 12/8 which was originally placed at 17/11 ub 2000 when a sleep study was done. She quit breathing four times every hour.

In November 2008 Brittany had some kind of flu in Florida. We did not go to the doctor but nursed her at the condo. I travel with antibiotics, nebulizer, steroids, etc. I set up an around-the-clock process for three days until her 104.5 fever broke and we left for home. Going over the Chattanooga Mountains she started turning blue and I gave her two nebulizers treatment until we got over the mountain. Once we got over it she was ready to eat a hamburger. Took her to the doctor when we got back and was told she had upper respiratory infection and to continue what I was doing. I really feel she had swine flu but cannot prove it. But, she had all symptoms. This is when I pulled her completely off of CELLFOOD because by then I was trying SILVER.

In May 2009 she had three bumps that came up underneath one of her arms. I thought it might be cancer but it turned out to be some kind of a skin disease similar to boils but worst. It is called hidradenitis suppuativa along with seborrheic dermattis. She had a regiment of salves we used three times the day plus the first month she had to take sulfur pills to get it under control. They are slowly disappearing and the scars are slowly healing also. I feel that the DNA/RNA had helped a great deal with this.

She is not in a wheelchair except when we go to theme parks. She is on CELLFOOD, DNA/RNA, vitamins, 100,000 units of Vitamin D weekly plus 7,000 units by mouth, and daily SILVER (an old-time natural medicine for antibiotics). We are getting ready to leave for Florida in a few days for a birthday present for Brittany for three weeks. She turns 19 tomorrow and is very well. As time goes on I will keep you posted on what your product is doing for her. Feel free to use anything in this that will help you get the word out about how GOOD CELLFOOD is.

Vita M. IL

The one thing I've noticed since taking Cell Food for almost two weeks.  I'm not having near as much trouble with the heat.  I can now tolerate 90 degrees without a problem.  I'll see how this goes as the temperature goes up.  This is really nice.  I expect many more nice things in the future.  Oh another is my bowels are working very nicely, thank you very much!

Patsy Y.

My name is Wendy Benedetti. I am 59 years old, I started using Cell Food on Sept 14, 2009. I have had CFIDS for 15 years and never ever expected to get well, I lost my job and no disability , It got real ugly and I had been a public school teacher.
  I also started Raw food eating, but I knew that CFIDS was greatly affected by oxygen somehow, and I knew if I flew on an airplane, I always got sicker and I had a very smart friend , who knows science well and he said a long time ago, "Wendy, because of the flying and increased sickness, the oxygen in your body has some major role in your CFIDS."
 I never forgot this tidbit. and I had heard of Cell Food and then I ran into a lady at  a local supermarket and we got to talking and she had had Fibromyalgia and and she told me how she bought Cell Food and started taking it and right away she started feeling better and was quickly and completely healed, 
 So I bought some on Sept 14, 2009. I took it 3 times a day, 8 drops in 8 ounces of water
 Within 2 months I was completely healed and not only that, I had been on synthroid for my hypo-thyroid and I started getting a real hot head and I even had to pack my entire head in ice. the Raw food guy on facebook said that was a thyroid issue,  AN OVER ACTIVE THYROID !!!  so I stopped taking my synthroid and after 40 years of it, I am very good without it and I am losing weight and my CFIDS is entirely gone !!!!!!! and I have had 1/2 of my thyroid removed !!
 The wonderful thing is I never ever thought I would get over CFIDS, and now I am 100% well :)

I was on an international flight when reading the duty free magazine I noticed a product called "Liquid Oxygen". I went to my local health food store to inquire more about it and he suggested Cellfood to me. I didn't know what to expect from it but interested enough to give it a try. Well after about 3 days i noticed I felt more awake during the day without feeling "buzzy" and had natural energy. I was in the middle of a course and noticed I was retaining more information that I had in other courses.

The biggest change I has was the reduction of my headaches! I have been a headache sufferer for about 15 years with migraines as well. After about 6 days of using Cellfood I noticed I wasn't taking any pills (usually I would take 2-4 daily) to keep my headaches at bay. I CANNOT TELL YOU what a relief it is not to have a headache daily. It has been 5 weeks and none of my migraine medication!

Angela S, Canada

My family is shocked and amazed and I will tell the world how great this product is! I will never be without Cellfood.

I didn't know Cellfood could do all that it does. I have it for oxygen. I thought it would be a good supplement with the minerals and enzymes, and oxygen. I took it one time, yesterday. 10 drops. Never expected anything to happen. I noticed later that I was much more loving toward my animals. Than I noticed I didn't have near the pain I had before. I have Fibro. I noticed that I was much more relaxed and I slept better. When I got up this morning, I started stuff looking stuff up about this product. I am amazed that the things that happed were on the list. I can not believe this bottle can do so much. Thanks you. I will get back to you after a month.

 Debra C, TX

Hi Diane,

I am writing to inform you that your cellfood product is a lifesaver for me. This past weekend I burned my tongue severely on some gravy and it made my tongue just "raw" and very painful.  I was not getting any relief from ice cubes and ice cream. I had just opened my cupboard to get an ibuprofen to kill the pain when I saw the bottle of cellfood. I then remembered that I read that the cellfood assists with burns, so I applied the cellfood to a Q-tip and doused my tongue with the cellfood just before I retired for the evening. It was a little painful at first, but to my surprise, when I woke up this morning, my tongue was no longer raw, it is mending rapidly and I am pain free!  Yippee, now everyone gets to listen to me talk more than I normally do!
Thank you for introducing this great product to me, I can't imagine if I would have had to suffer through the week!
Janet Solberg

Hi again Diane,

    Yes, I have completed two months of taking the product and I have been able to cut down on all meds I am taking, including antidepressant, type 2 diabetes drugs, and blood pressure drugs!!!  This is really fantastic!  My dog, that I adopted from a local pet shelter, was very lethargic and had all kinds of skin problems....she now acts like a totally different dog!!   Thanks again!   I hope I am now on auto shipment??   :-)       


"I was just introduced the CELLFOOD last Saturday. I started taking it and found I could rest a little better the first night. However, I took increased amounts the second day and was amazed that I was able to rest/sleep for a period of 3-4 hours! For me, that is amazing!! I have had major problems sleeping for the last 12 years -- many nights I am wide awake - sometimes I am able to rest during the day for a few hours. I am a believer in CELLFOOD. I noticed cancer mentioned in the book. I have chronic lymphositic leukemia and am spending $700 -$900 a month on natural medicine in hopes of correcting the cancer. I would appreciate any personal experiences or stories regarding CELLFOOD and bone cancer/leukemia. Thank God for people like Everett Storey, their knowledge and ability to create natural medicines!"

B.L..Appleton, WI

"I consider myself a stress survivor. After almost 20 years in the corporate world, I took a leave package from a major corporation. Before I got out the door, my blood pressure dropped 40 points, which prompted my doctor to let me quit those meds. Within weeks, my blood sugar regulated, so I was taken off the glucophage. In three months, I met with my rheumatologist who was treating me for Fibromyalgia who dismissed me from his care. I spent part of that time retooling myself, going to massage school. And I was doing great. I found a job at a resort, moved to the lake, was doing a job I loved, life was good. But at times, I still hurt. After a busy work week, sometimes I couldn't get out of bed. I was getting massages often, and those helped, but the aching and stiffness was getting worse. And I refused to go back on narcotics.

H.B. Graford, TX



We have been taking Cellfood since July of 07. The one significant thing that it has helped is for my 21 year old daughter. She has menstrual cramps so bad, she would usually miss work. She has not had any problems since being on the Cellfood, and she is not real faithful with taking it. Once she knows she is getting close, she starts taking it again. She is recommending it to her friends.


Thank-you again for your time!



My name is Tanya Oand this is my testimonial.
I ordered Cellfood last Friday and received it on Monday. Immediately I started taking it and putting the drops in my dogs and cats water. For the first two days it looked as if my pets didn't want to drink the water. After a few days they started drinking it. Fast forward a week later and my Dalmatian who has hip dysplaysia and a torn ligament who hasn't played in a year started acting like a puppy again playing with his toys! My cat who has always been underweight w/out much of a appetite started eating 3 cans of cat food a day! Me, I now have more energy and get a better nights sleep! I even cleaned my Dalmatians ears with the cellfood mixed with water and he has not scratched them since!


Hello, I am a cell food user now for 13 months. First I will give a list of my past


CONDITION, and BAD ATTITUDE!!!. All are gone now, also I 'am very happy with this

 product. I 'am planning on increasing the dosage since I started weight training

 again. Can't say enough about cell food!, stop wasting time and get some. As GOD

 as my witness these statements are true, I reach out to those willing to listen

 and introduce cell food to them in hopes of hearing another success story! I would

 like very much to become a sales rep because of my belief in the product!, THANK YOU

 AND GOD BLESS!, sincerely John.


My self, as You might remember, 68 years, retired sea captain feel great since my start with cellfood

2004 . I read Mr. Jerry's Golden health report with pleasure  telling us he is now a healthy person !

Thanks !



I started my daughter on cellfood DNA/RNA and Cellfood Vitamins when she was close
 to 5 years old. She has been taking it consistently upgrading the amount of sprays
 as she gets older. She is now a very healthy 5'3" 11 year old girl. And I firmly
 believe cellfood has contributed to her well being.
Try putting Cellfood drops in your Christmas tree's water. It will make the tree last much longer than without
the drops with fewer needle loss.
B. L Grayson GA

"Thanks so much, I love this product. Since taking cellfood I have been completely free of illness..
I feel better more energetic, do not need antidepressant medication, etc., every one here have came home with cold and even my mom and I always catch everything from her. She was not careful to not spread her germs either but it did not even touch me..
I am going to start giving smaller amounts to my kids thanks much I have recommended this to a friend."

T.B Kentucky

"Through family....I LOVE this product! I’ve also been giving it to my animals (particularly my feline leukemia positive cat, he is so big and strong now!) Thank you! "

G.S. Washington

"All my life I've had to endure living with asthma. Anyone who has had a hard time breathing may think they know that being short of breath is uncomfortable, but they can't imagine what it is like to fight for the smallest gasp of air- while everything turns gray as your brain starves for oxygen. I know that feeling. I've been so dizzy and so close to passing out during a full phase asthma attack- all the fight leaves you, and you feel as if you could just let go and stop struggling. The next day, after a major attack, it feels as if my lungs and ribs got hit by a sledgehammer; I'm wiped out- just exhausted. I hate having asthma, and hate asthma medication. Since taking Cellfood®, for the first time in my entire life I know what it feels like to take a deep, complete, satisfying lung full of air. Breathing is so much easier, and I can actually emerge from an attack much faster and easier. I don't struggle anymore for every breath, every day. I am so grateful for this product. It has changed my life for the better- much, much better."

LD- Apple Valley, CA

"I've been running regularly for almost 40 years, and have experimented with every type of nutritional supplement to increase endurance- and to speed up the muscular recovery process. In these two areas, I observe that Cellfood® is in a class by itself. I drink about 8 ounces of water with Cellfood® before each run- and it's often well into the 90's (degree) range here in Florida-and about 16 ounces after. I have almost no lactic acid buildup (which usually feels like a stinging in the leg muscles, often leading to cramps) during my runs any more, and so my endurance is sharply increased. And I feel so little resulting fatigue after the run that I often forget I that I ever worked out- and later the same day find myself thinking about taking another run! This is a dramatically different athletic lifestyle that Cellfood® now affords me.

I highly recommend this product to any athlete- in any sport- who desires more sustained endurance, less muscle soreness, and dramatically shortened recovery periods."

MR- Sarasota, FL

"I want to share my experience with Cellfood® after taking it 3 times daily for one month. I feel less stressed and more calm and relaxed- but most important to me is the effect on my blood pressure, which had been 150/90. Now my blood pressure fluctuates between 132/70 and 122/70. I'm one happy customer."

Pl- San Diego, CA

"I'm writing this testimonial simply to let you know how helpful Cellfood has been to me, I have been diagnosed with HIV illness for about ten years now. Taking the Cellfood has greatly increased my stamina and general energy level. In the past I had to take several naps per day, but since I've been on this wonderful product, I've felt no need to take these naps. I am able to carry on a full and active day, which was impossible two months ago. I've also noticed that I sleep much better. I am more alert and better able to concentrate. As a Registered Nurse I am amazed with the effects that Cellfood has produced in my life. In closing, I would like to thank you for making this product available to myself and to anyone who may have similar challenges. Cellfood® has improved my quality of life substantially."

EG, R.N.- San Diego, CA

"Thank you for your wonderful Cellfood® product. I have had extreme pain from arthritis for years, and I have been afflicted with a seizure disorder since childhood. Until recently, I've been taking six to eight 600 mg. tablets of ibuprofen for pain, and also was taking seizure medication that was so strong that it created a mental fog similar to what one would experience taking a very strong antihistamine.

Since taking the Cellfood®, I no longer take any medication or pain killers, and for all practical purposes am seizure free. I'm simply adding Cellfood® in every glass of water I drink. I also have more clarity of thought and more energy. I now require less sleep- but awake refreshed and ready to start another pain and seizure-free day. I have my life back. Thank you! "

MP- San Diego, CA

"When a friend first told me about Cellfood, he told me to order at least three bottles. When asked why, he told me to have one next to my bottled water to add whenever I have a glass of water, one in the kitchen next to the stove in case I burn myself, and one to carry with me whenever I left the house. I'm glad I took his advice. On Thanksgiving day, I was cooking a traditional dinner with lots of dishes. In the hectic- ness, I grabbed something "too hot to handle." As soon as I dropped the pan, I ran to the sink and squeezed the Cellfood concentrate directly on the burned area. To my amazement, the pain started to diminish right away- and within minutes it was gone. I went back to cooking and didn't think about it again. The next day, one of my weekend guests asked me how the burn was. To my amazement, I had forgotten all about it because there was no blister or pain. There was only a slight red mark where there should have been one of those big, painful water-filled blisters."

RB- Palm Springs, CA

"I was watching a TV broadcast of ABC's 20/20 last night, and the second segment was devoted to the appearance of an especially virulent strain of E.coli on fresh vegetables, especially lettuce. Interviews were held with people who became very ill after ingesting what they thought was healthful food. An incident where hundreds of Japanese school children became ill from tainted radish sprouts was also reviewed. In an interview and demonstration with health officials it was shown that even with thorough washing, one or two cells of E.coli still contaminated the subject lettuce. The conclusion of the program is that our produce is mostly safe, but that we should always be sure to thoroughly wash it before ingesting. After reading the U.S.R Challenge test given to Cellfood, I saw clearly that Cellfood® killed E.coli permanently upon contact. If you are concerned by this 20/20 report, I advise simply soaking your fruits and vegetables in a sink full of cold water with about 25-30 drops of Cellfood for about 20 minutes. Then rinse them, bag in plastic, and store in your refrigerator."

SBW- Apple Valley, CA

"I have had much success with Cellfood. I've been handicapped for years due to a medical misdiagnosis by doctors; I was treated for arthritis when I had tuberculosis of the bone. The medicine I was given fused my joints, damaged my entire system, and left me in continuous pain. The first day I took Cellfood® I slept more than I had at any one time in years. After a few days my energy increased to where I now have several more hours each day of active life- and more movement in my joints. I've also had no constipation since using the product; this used to be a common problem. I also have used Cellfood on both my fingernails and toenails- both of which had fungus and poor circulation. Within days my nails became smoother, and the cuticles became pink and the fungus healed. I take the Cellfood both internally and topically as described. It will itch and burn for a few moments when applied directly, but relief is almost instantaneous."

JAJ- Torrance, CA

"For a period of five years I have suffered from chronic back pain accompanied by fatigue. I have tried many innovative therapies including both traditional and alternative modes of treatment for this disease. These treatments included drugs and physical therapy, a variety of nutritional therapies, acupuncture neural therapy, radionics and massage. It was through the use of Cellfood that I first obtained significant relief from the fatigue that seriously interfered with my life. My day was comprised of work, then home to rest and sleep. Much of the weekend was also spent resting.

I took Cellfood on a regular three-times-daily basis, which refreshed and energized me. After three to four months of regular use I stopped using Cellfood, only to find that the fatigue returned. Now that I'm back on the Cellfood on a consistent basis, my energy has been restored. Research on Cellfood® indicates that it is a powerful electrolyte solution that it works to energize the body and bring it into chemical and electrical balance. I find that I get a quicker and more complete therapeutic response to treatment when I prime my patients- especially the more difficult pain cases- with Cellfood, prior to treating them with acupuncture and magnet therapy."

BBM, M.D.- Carmichael, CA

"I used to work in an environmental practice and so am well versed in the problems of depleted nutritional values in the food supply— and am also familiar with how various pollutants, chemicals and other nasty things are attacking the body constantly. I recently found your wonderful Cellfood product and am very pleased after only six days of use. I've had a problem with swelling in my ankles, and with general water retention throughout my body. There seems to be no particular diagnosis as to the cause of these health problems; I believe they may be from food allergies. In less than a week— to my delight— I've noticed a marked reduction in swelling, especially in the ankles and feet. I've seen daily improvement every morning when I wake up, and throughout the day. I can actually see veins and ankle definition in my feet that were not visible six days ago. As for my water retention problem, my tummy is about half the size it was a few days ago. As well, my energy is much improved— I can hardly wait each day to see the continuing benefits of this amazing product."

KB— Albuquerque, NM

"I want to share my experience with Cellfood after taking it 3 times daily for one month. I feel less stressed and more calm and relaxed— but most important to me is the effect on my blood pressure, which Cellfood helps to maintain at normal levels. I'm one happy customer."

PJ— San Diego, CA

"In late September, 1999, we began using Cellfood. My mother-in-law was mentally lethargic and unresponsive. She wouldn't feed herself, and slumped on the couch all day, sleeping. When we started her on Cellfood, there was a dramatic change. Not only was she awake more, noticing what was going on around her— and talking again— but she became more vigorous, and began walking with some energy. She is still nearly blind and nearly deaf, but it is wonderful to have her 'present' again."

VM— Bedford, TX

"My mother is 79 years old, and has been weak, fatigued, losing muscle tone, and was hallucinating, dizzy, confused, disoriented and unable to eat. She was dying before my eyes and I felt the situation was hopeless. Three weeks ago I wandered into the health food store and saw a bottle of Cellfood. I read the information and purchased the product for my mother. The day after her first usage, she called me. She said that within three hours of taking 4 drops of Cellfood in water she somehow felt different, as if she was plugged into a light switch and energized. During the course of the first week the weakness faded, and she was no longer confused, disoriented or hallucinating. Not only was she able to carry on a conversation, but her need for supplemental oxygen had been decreased to approximately just 2-3 hours per week. Today she is walking, sleeping more soundly, and cannot seem to find enough to eat. Topically, I began placing drops on her skin and in her mouth. The sores in her mouth disappeared the same day, and within three days there were no traces of infection, let alone scars. The quality of her life has improved so dramatically in such a short time that she is again looking forward to living, rather than waiting to die.

I have one more testimonial— this one about me. Recently, I had a growth removed from my nose. I put some Cellfood Oxygen Gel on the area after the surgery. One week later when I returned to have the stitches removed, the doctor looked puzzled— and remarked what a fast healer I was. They had never seen a surgical area heal before having the stitches removed. And there is no scar at all remaining now. I can't thank you enough; we have recommended Cellfood to everyone we know.

MA— St. Petersburg, FL

"My life has changed dramatically since I began taking Cellfood 2 months ago. The effects of taking this product were almost immediate. I have had a major problem with fatigue and well-being for years. For quite a while my work day was limited, and that took all of my energy; I too often had to tell my husband I was too tired to do anything else. When I started taking Cellfood my energy level tripled within 24 hours. I began to get projects done that had been on the back burner for months. I no longer needed to have caffeine to get me up and around in the morning. Life became so much easier, happier and more full as a result of taking this product. Now, after just 2 months, I have so much energy that I've started taking dance lessons, am adding more clients to my practice, and my house is cleaner than it's been in years. Every day I thank God for sending me Cellfood."

SK— Sarasota, FL

"My wife and I have been taking Cellfood since October 2002. We were keen to start as we have our own business and always felt tired and run down. We would feel exhausted by the afternoon and lacked concentration. Since taking Cellfood, we have more energy, sleep very well, have a feeling of well-being, our memories have improved, and we have happy colons. We have also started to take Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula at night. We are very happy to have been introduced to these products."

E and GJK— Wichita, KS

"A year ago I was struggling with some several health challenges. The effort to work full time, while in pain and constant fatigue— along with my body's intolerance to heat (I live in Florida!)— was almost too much to bear. A co-worker introduced me to Cellfood and its possible benefits. Feeling that I had nothing to lose, I tried it. I took the first dose in the early evening and went to bed (dreading another night of agonizing pain, restlessness and very little sleep). I immediately fell into a deep and peaceful sleep, awoke before the alarm clock sounded, and jumped out of bed, realizing what had happened: I had slept well for 8 hours and woke up feeling rested and with energy. What an amazing feeling! Cellfood has been sustaining me ever since (6 months). I'm now bike riding on a daily basis and have been able to cut down on my pain medication."

RS— DeLand, FL

"Now that I understand Cellfood and how it works in the body, it makes absolute common sense how it is helping improve my overall health. The oxygen release and the minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are in Cellfood are the main ingredients the body needs to assist in repairing and balancing the whole system. Today I am a younger, healthier person than I was four years ago. My health has improved, I am more energetic, I now work from home, and some days I am so busy that I cannot cope with all the work. I take no medication, and only take my Cellfood everyday, and I will continue taking it for the rest of my life."

DJ— Weston, CT

"I have had a recurring problem with itching skin on my legs for the past 10 years. The problem recurs every 3 years. The first time this happened I went to a dermatologist who prescribed medication that seemed to help for a few days— then it had no effect at all. I saw every doctor in the group over a period of 4 months. A biopsy was taken and many tests run to no avail. After several months it was gone— only to return 3 years later. In desperation I decided to try Cellfood Oxygen Gel. After applying it a couple of times each day for about one week the symptoms were completely gone and have not returned. I was amazed to see the results of using this wonderful gel for this problem."

SD— Alpharetta, GA

"I am a martial arts instructor, fitness kickboxing and personal trainer. I have had great success in my line of work— which has brought me much media coverage, TV and newspaper articles— and love doing it. Yet at 43 I was feeling run down and over trained. This lead to numerous injuries and a very bad immune system, catching every cold that my family and students had. My doctor was doing research on alkalizing the body. He advised me to try a bottle of Cellfood and I was hooked. My schedule now is still the same; I teach 6 martial arts classes a day— from 3 year olds to an adults 'super fit' fitness kickboxing class. I also train personally and work out with weights. Yet now I rarely catch a cold or ever feel tired. My body recovers a lot faster from workouts and I feel great. Cellfood has become my fountain of youth."

JA— Miami, FL

"Prior to my initial order of DNA-RNA Spray Formula, I was performing one set of about 36 pushups each morning (one day 34, the next 37, etc) but never broke a high of 38. This plateau had lasted 7 weeks. I am just beginning my 3rd bottle of DNA/RNA and my daily average is 47 with a high of 51, plus I have incorporated a resistance exercise program into my daily regime (I still maintain my regular cardiovascular exercises). This boost in my physical and mental capacity is, I believe, due to the nucleic acids."

MH— Carlsbad, CA

"After living at a 5280 foot elevation, you would think I would be acclimated to the altitude, but going to 8700 feet had an impact on my body, and especially on my sleep. We took the Cellfood on the first day and it helped our bodies tremendously with the intensive yoga and with the altitude. And we are all locals! I look forward to using it during the upcoming ski season."

DW— Estes Park, CO

"When we moved to Colorado, the altitude was killing my husband and son. They felt horrible! They had no energy, were very moody, and just felt very uncomfortable! I then remembered that we had a bottle of Cellfood, and remembering that it was supposed to help oxygenate the body, so I decided to give it a try. After their first glass they both felt better. Since then they have been feeling great, and have plenty of energy. I will always have plenty of it on hand!"

LF— Denver, CO

"I first heard about Cellfood from my very good friend, Ingrid. After about 2 weeks, I couldn't get over how much better I felt and how much energy I was feeling. I am 86 years old and still work 20 hours a week. Before Cellfood, I'd found that after a long day, I was very tired the next day. I usually would lie around and not even dress. Now, I get up, get dressed and head for town— it's amazing! I also use the Cellfood Oxygen Gel and love the feeling and what is does for my skin. I was in a dress shop last Saturday and when the gal there learned my age, she said, "I want what you take! I want to look like you!" She is 42 years old and would not believe me. I had to show her my driver's license! I can't say enough nice (and true) things about Cellfood and what it has done for me and others who use it."

WH— Providence, RI

"I started taking Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula about a month ago now, and I must say that taking the 20 drops at night have made an incredible difference in my sleeping pattern. I have been able to sleep right through the night. Before I would wake up at all hours of the night just wishing that it was time to get up and go to work, rather than lie in bed waiting to fall asleep. I definitely feel more rested in the morning, and am ready to face the work situation. I must say without a doubt that the stress levels have decreased, it is almost as though I am able to cope so much better than before taking the Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula. I feel so much more energetic than before, whereas I would always come home from work and just collapse on the settee and not be able to find enough energy to lift myself up from the sitting position and make a cup of tea. Now that I am taking Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula, all this has changed for the better."

FB— Los Angeles, CA

"I have been on the product Cellfood since 26th December 2002. Since taking this product I have felt more energetic and stress free. Due to the type of work that I am involved in, my stress levels are very high, and this caused me to struggle to sleep at night. Since taking Cellfood, I am sleeping through the night, and awakening feeling refreshed and stress free in the morning. Before I started taking Cellfood, I would wake up six times at night to go to the bathroom. Now I sleep right through the night and only occasionally wake up once I go to the bathroom. Cellfood has worked for me."

GEE— Santa Fe, NM

"I've been taking Cellfood for two years now, and I feel like a new person. I no longer experience the terrible aches and pains I used to endure previously. I have more energy, I want to do so much more with my life, my attitude has changed, and I feel absolutely fantastic. I recommend Cellfood to all my friends. I feel that all senior citizens should be taking Cellfood, and take less of some of the drugs that they all seem to live on. Cellfood supplies me with all the essential supplements to sustain and maintain a healthy lifestyle."

UF— Dallas, TX

"I am a self-employed businessman and have noticed since being introduced to Cellfood that I have more energy and do not feel so stressed out. I feel good and have a lot more stamina; and my blood pressure is under control. I suffered from slight detoxification when I first took Cellfood, in the form of a heat rash over my body, but that only lasted a few days. I take 20 drops of Cellfood in the morning, and I have 8 hours of sleep at night. I have been sleeping well and wake up very early in the morning feeling refreshed and alert. I will definitely continue to take Cellfood, as I cannot believe what it has done for me."

MK— United Kingdom


From South Africa:

Dr. Linet Stockdale, Hematologist: "It doesn't matter what type of disease a person has. The addition of oxygen in the bloodstream, with the hydrogen molecules, which Cellfood® provides, will definitely bond in a better format to create a healthier cell."

Dr. Svet Boulatov, Physician and Homeopath: "Cellfood® is highly energized and has highly beneficial vibrations itself. It increases the body frequencies because each body organ has certain frequencies it works with. AU the junk food and pollution decreases the frequencies of the organs, and lack of the full spectrum of minerals does the same. Therefore supplying Cellfood® to the body increases the frequencies naturally, and because the DNA of the body is created perfectly, there are no barriers to performing at the highest levels- the levels at which you were born to perform."

Mike Matulovich, MD: "Everett Storey, the inventor of Cellfood®, invented Cellfood® because he was a humanitarian, and also had a particular personal need. He and his colleagues had been exposed to a lot of radiation, and they were dying. Storey was working on a way to split the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in the water molecule. When he worked out how to use deuterium- the only non-radioactive isotope of hydrogen, which was developed by Dr. Harold Urey in 1932- Storey created this life-enhancing product called Cellfood®, which inside his own body would split the oxygen and hydrogen atoms. The oxygen would help to remove the toxins and radiation from his system. Everett Storey lived to the age of 78 because of his own invention.

When you put oxygen in the body it removes toxins- it changes people's attitudes, because when there are a lot of toxins in the body, it affects thinking and overall functioning. By oxidizing the toxins in a person's body, that person has a different attitude, a different frame of reference and a new mental state."

Winnic Mandela, President of the ANC Women's League, South Africa:

"I haven't got ways to thank you for the wonderful, wonderful product you have introduced to myself and my people. I am a beneficiary of the fantastic benefits of Cellfood®. I preach about it everywhere, and all my colleagues in government have wonderful things to say about it.

It has completely changed my life. I had a lump in my left breast and was sent to a specialist for a mammogram. I doubled the dose of Cellfood® from 25 to 50 drops per day- that is, I took 2 bottles per month- and now the lump is gone!

As well, the kind of stress I've had throughout my life is public knowledge. I can't remember a single minute- or week or month- of my past life that I'd not been stressed to a point of being traumatized. I had very high blood pressure, and due to years of treatment for it, I developed diabetes. But look how energized I am now!

After taking Cellfood® I no longer need my blood sugar or blood pressure medications, and am not taking any more of the drugs for diabetes. People now continually ask me about my great energy.

I was also very confrontational before, as many of you know. Cellfood® has helped me relax and not have the anger I'd been experiencing throughout my life. I have been very angry about apartheid- I have been very angry about what it has done to my people, and, above all, to my own family. I now have much more patience and am more accommodating. Cellfood® proves there are alternatives to whatever stress we may face."

Grenville Scaard, Gold Medal Cyclist: "I think our human body system was designed around a very good plan- and oxygen is a fundamental element in it. And because of the way that we treat the environment, we're living in an oxygen-deficient world. Cellfood® has the ability to put the oxygen back in your system- and more importantly, it's completely cell-available, which improves the entire body system."




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